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     “We’re particularly impressed with The Sports Camp Federation Summer Sponsorship and Sampling program, because it puts clients in touch with large numbers of tweens and teens in a special place. First, camps hold such a special emotional connection for kids— it’s all about fun, friendship and creating memories.  Second, it’s an environment that’s typically otherwise free of marketing, giving this program quite a strategic advantage.”
         Peter Zollo - Founder, Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU)

Since 2000, Sports Camp Federation has been creating and executing product sampling programs, product launches, live events and promotions at youth programs across the country.  The relationships we have built with over 20,000 camps, leagues, tournaments, educational, social, and facility based programs allows your products and brands message to placed directly into the hands of your desired consumer.

The opportunity to have your product and brand associated with a child’s youth sports and camp memories is unique as these are the memories that last a lifetime.  While at camp, kids are not inundated with traditional media streams and the constant barrage of advertising.  We offer brands the opportunity to enter this environment in a subtle and successful way that benefits all parties involved. 

In an ever evolving society, kids have become decision makers and have a say in the products their parents purchase.  On top of that, their coaches and camp directors have become influencers as they play a major role in their lives.  When you put these two factors together, Sports Camp Federation offers you the perfect opportunity to create brand loyalty in America’s youth.


We pride ourselves on matching your products within our network of 6 million+ active kids and their families so that you reach your target demographic.  We look forwards to working with you on your next program. 


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“The SCF platform is a highly targeted, cost-effective way to reach and engage with the hard-to-reach consumer segment of active kids, their coaches & counselors, and their parents. SCF offers simple, turn-key sampling platforms as well as a wide array of engagement opportunities with these important audiences. If you are a brand that wants to put samples in the hands of active kids, or their parents or just wants to engage with this audience and drive a specific consumer behavior the SCF platform should be a part of your plans!”

Kevin Adler
Chief Engagement Officer - Engage Marketing